Green Travel and Sustainable Tourism Resources is an online resource aimed at sustainable travel, promoting responsible tourism and providing ideas for travelers and holiday makers interested in eco-friendly travel packages.

The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) is a nonprofit organization that was established to promote ecotourism worldwide. TIES aims to provide industry standards and guidelines, develop ecotourism and contribute to research and publications. was established to promote sustainable travel and to educate policy makers, the media and the travel community by making them aware of sustainable initiatives. The organization's mission is to help leisure and business travelers make eco-friendly choices. is dedicated to promoting outreach services and education to assist both travel providers and travelers support eco-friendly development and protect cultural heritage.

Great Green Idea promotes ecologically friendly travel and nature tourism by providing a resource of sustainable travel companies, hotels and lodges along with eco-friendly research articles.

Global Genie was established as a non-profit organization and its mission is to foster global ecologically friendly travel solutions. Global Genie aims to help people manage their ecological and social footprint by promoting green travel domestically and internationally. aims to provide travelers with the means to make responsible travel choices. With a community resource section and suggestions for green travel ideas. is a green travel website providing a host of eco-friendly travel ideas along with a list of green hotels, green road tips, green chefs and green shopping resources. is an online resource providing a wealth of information on green hotels, eco-lodges and sustainable travel.

Hotels with Green Policies

The Green Hotels Association promotes eco-friendly hotels by providing help and advice with energy saving ideas, recycling and wastage reduction. Hotels that are interested in environmental issues and sustainable lodging are encouraged to become members of the association and will receive assistance on a range of green measures.

The Four Seasons Hotel promotes it's "It is Easy Being Green" ecological program by encouraging conservation practices and by reducing waste. Guests at the hotel are given a choice of whether they would like to have their towels or bedding washed daily or if they want to save on energy wastage by reusing. In addition the hotels pool uses saltwater instead of chemicals.

The Willard Intercontinental Hotel uses renewable energy sources for all its electricity needs light bulbs throughout the hotel are low-impact. Guests are offered the use of a hybrid car for their transportation needs and the hotel also contributes to a host of local environmental causes.

The Marriot chain of hotels promotes the reuse of linens, low –flow shower heads and toilets and aim to reduce energy consumption. The Marriot company invested in a "green hotel" prototype in 2010, which they hope will cut the energy and water consumption rates by twenty five percent.